Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tai Chi and Inner Peace

Yesterday I attended the Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church Family Event. My Tai Chi instructor invited me to participate in the many activities and festivities. Besides the many foods and games available at no cost, my favorite activity was the Line Dancing Activity and the Tai Chi/Chi Kung.

I am a novice at Tai Chi. I started participating and learning about it at my gym about 3 months ago. In the '48 forms' there is a specific move that really grounds me. You watch your hand move from one side of your body, across your body to the other side and then watch the other hand move in the same pattern. You do this 4 times. In the space of the 10 seconds it takes to perform those moves, I am totally present. I am focussed, relaxed, at peace and calm. Everytime I perform those moves, I feel a sense of Inner Peace.

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